About Our Company

Hallettsville Communications has been in operation since 1976, founded by owners David & Mary Polasek. Hallettsville Communications is located in Lavaca county and currently serves customers in surrounding counties in Texas.

As an authorized Motorola dealership and service shop, Hallettsville Communications provides sales and service of portable, mobile and fixed station two-way radios and systems. Other services include radio tower space rental, radio system design, FCC license preparation, radio propagation studies and wireless monitoring systems.

Hallettsville Communications is a member of USMSS. Hallettsville Communications core services are Motorola 2-way radios, Computers and Networking, High Speed Internet Services, Cellular Services, and Electronic Sales and Service.

Hallettsville Communications also specializes in data recovery and repairs on many types of Devices, such as cell phones, computers, backup drives, USB sticks and more.

Hallettsville Communications is an ISP (Internet Service Provider), servicing our customers with internet service and network solutions for both residential and business.

Hallettsville Communications has become a name that customers trust when it comes to fast and affordable repairs for their 2-way radios, cell phones, tablets and computers.

Our location allows convenient access to top quality repairs.

Our technicians service a multitude of devices.Whether you need to design or improve your Internet / Network Service, or migrate to a new network operating system, or need help selecting the right hardware and software, or upgrading and repairing your computers, Hallettsville Communications can help.

Contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to meet your Electronic needs & demands. You can count on Hallettsville Communications for friendly, professional service at all times.