Residential Price Plans

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Will handle e-mails, online banking, social media, music&photos

  • 2MB download
  • 384KB upload



Will handle all of Bronze pkg plus upload large files

  • 3MB download
  • 768KB upload



Will handle all of Silver pkg plus video streaming, video chat/conferencing, multiple users

  • 5MB download
  • 1MB upload



Will handle all of Gold pkg plus, additional bandwidth: $29.99 per 1 MB DL ***

  • 7MB download
  • 2MB upload

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*Taxes, pole/mast and applicable fees are extra.

**Internet Service speeds are not available in all areas. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Hal-Comm adheres to the fair access policy as stated in the customer agreement.

***Bandwidth Add-on prices are $29.99 per 1 mb dL for Residential Platinum Package only.